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Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 


Congratulations to Michael Barracato for his great performance at the Bass Solo Fun competition in Boston.  Michael was awarded a second place finish in a tough competition.  Below are words of wisdom from Mikey B. after his winning performance.


"Jim, I feel like one of the coolest parts is that every single note I played was part of a song or etude that you had me work on extensively over the past few years. I just simply made an arrangement out of them.   I love it because to me it's hard evidence that consistent planned practice truly is the key to success! I kept thinking 'How wrong was I years ago when I used to think that these things relied so much on luck'. As it turns out, we have a lot of control over our 'luck' when we plan ahead!"


… Michael Barracato



Mike Dyer spent a day here in NH just recently and told all about his touring with "Tommy and The High Pilots".  He is hooked on that feeling of performing every night to a sold out house!  Mike is out touring extensively starting again right after Christmas.  Follow him and the band on Facebook.


Grant is now back in Boston and performing his solo material at every opportunity.  Join his following on Monday nights in Cambridge.  He will be touring Brazil with Celso Pixinga in April.


Brent Rusinow is again on the road with "Allen Stone" starting January.  Look for shows in your area.  Check out Bren'ts new business:


REAL BASS LESSON    now accepting new students for 2014!  Check out the great teachers available for skype lessons [thumb]


Coming Attractions:


January 17-19


Kick off the New Year with some BASS HANG.  Make your plans to attend, NOW!  38 days left!!!! 

This is a non-leveled and non-style specific BWO.  We will work on practice techniques and basic fundamentals.  We will also hear some outstanding transcription performances.  A special guest at this session will be my good friend Daniel Narita, coming all the way from Brazil.  Make him feel welcome.    Make your travel and lodging plans NOW!


March 14-16:  Funk Bass Workout!!!   Stay tuned for details.


June 18-21:  New Hampshire Bass Fest 2014  (site will updated in January)



NEW RELEASES:   December 2013



Sight Reading Book 9 - Jazz Blues Walking

Sight Reading Book 10 - Funk

Sight Reading Book 11 - Rhythm Changes

Sight Reading Book 9 - Atonal

Jazz Bass Walking

What Makes Motown, Motown?


Downloadable Videos:

Stella by Starlight - melody & solo (Jazz Media Library level 2)

Stella by Starlight - bassline (Jazz Media Library level 1)

Stella by Starlight - chords/cpmping (Jazz Media Library level 2)

Some Day My Prince Will Come - baseline  (Jazz Media Library level 1)

Some Day My Prince Will Come - solo  (Jazz Media Library level 2)

Some Day My Prince Will Come - chords/comping  (Jazz Media Library level 2)

Michael Manring & Jim Stinnett, live at Sao Luiz Bass Festival - My Romance.

12 Keys To Success lesson - C major 1

12 Keys To Success lesson - A minor 1




Bass Unity, featuring Sunder Panatella, Grant Stinnett, Celso Pixinga, Jim Stinnett, Tom Arey

Chris Plays Ray, featuring Chris Mewhinney, Michael Blum, Brad Smith, Jim Stinnett, Dom Moio

Burning Daylight, featuring Everett Pendleton, Dennis Montgomery, Rob Gourlay, Tom Arey, Jim Stinnett (January release)


Jimmy S

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This is all awesome news! Thanks a bunch Jim!


Michael Barracato
Featured Bass Teacher at
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